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Our Garden

We practice organic methods for our gardens although we are not labeled "certified organic". We would never use chemical sprays or fertilizers on our garden. Our grasshoppers and bugs are controlled with our guineas and turkeys—the natural way! All of our compost is made here on the farm. Our goat, chicken, and cattle manure are mixed with wasted hay, and wood chips to serve as fertilizer. All of the farm animals and plants work together to make our garden beautiful, bountiful, and above all Natural. We also irrigate with water from our large pond where many other nutrients can help feed the plants. When the growing season is over, we turn the chickens (100+) in the garden to eat the leftovers and scratch and till the soil. We plant cover crops in the late fall: Austrian winter peas, rye, sweet and oats.          We hope to qualify for a "plasticulture" grant in 2015. This will allow us to plant up to an acre of vegetables, herbs and berries. Because of the heat the plastic will generate, we can plant at least a month earlier.  

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Article | by Dr. Radut