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Our Farm

Three Creeks Ranch is a family owned and operated farm located near Prague, Oklahoma. After retirement in 2007, Ben (Papa) and Betty (Grandma) bought 80 acres in central Oklahoma to fulfill a life-long dream of living off the land and providing a place for their children and grandchildren to escape their busy lives.In the spring of 2007, we decided it was just too far to drive to see our kids and grandkids in Oklahoma. One was already leaving to go to college and the others were growing up way too quickly. We loved South Texas, but the ten hour drive was getting to be too much. So we headed north, looking for about 10 acres between Clinton and Edmond, Oklahoma. We had just about given up, when we stumbled on 80 acres located 45 miles due east of Oklahoma City. Our dream of a small ranch was about to become a reality! Even though there was no fencing, water, electricity, barns, or a house, it was just the perfect piece of land. After all, our experience from remodeling three old houses and living off the land when our kids were small had prepared them for the task at hand. After seven years, we still aren’t finished, but we are getting closer. We have built the house, two barns, and established a beautiful vineyard, berry patch, and orchard.We are looking to expand our reach beyond word of mouth. Our present clientele are mostly local neighbors, family, and friends, but their demand is growing through word of mouth. Since the ranch is located just 40 minutes from Oklahoma City, we are looking to draw the growing community of people who want freshly grown food using organic methods that is not grown in an assembly line.

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