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Our Vinyard

 We bought this bare land in 2007. We decided to build the winery underground first and then build an apartment on top of the winery to live in until we built the main house. Well, one side of the basement bowed so badly that we decided to put it on hold and build a cottage for the kids. Six years later we have a big house (we just kept adding on to the cottage) and a big hole in the ground.  The bad side of the winery came tumbling down in the big ice storm of 2007. Hoping to eventually fix the winery, we planted our vineyard (just 1/2 acre) to see how it would survive with a future plan of planting two more acres. After much research, we decided to plant American hybrids instead of vinifera. They have done so well, but the vineyard is so much work. We could never have managed two acres.  Because it is a Mom and Pop adventure, we can barely keep the pace of the vineyard.  We have Seval Blanc, Traminette, Chambourcin, and Norton grapes.  We also have about 10 vines of table grapes: Fredonia and Concord.We will have our license to sell wine in early 2015, but for now we just give it to friends and family. I make lots of grape jelly from the juice for our large family. Before the earthquakes of 2011 destroyed our pottery business, we would give a bottle of wine to our customers that bought $100 worth of pottery. Now, we just give it to people who buy our goats, cattle and do big favors for our old tired bodies.  After pruning the vineyard the first of March, the vineyard is like a breath of fresh air when you see that first bud break.The last two year's harvests have been amazing. This year we pulled our Cornish Cross Chickens between the rows of the vineyard. The finished juice is so dark and rich this year because of the chickens fertilizing the vineyard. The vines were so abundant this year that we had to trim the excess even before harvest. Everything on our farm has a purpose, we never throw away the trimmed vines--they are given to the goats. They eat them like candy! We sold quite a few grapes this year to people that wanted to make wine and jelly. Please feel free to visit us. You will go right past the beautiful vineyard before entering our driveway.  

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Article | by Dr. Radut